• My experience after one year...After a year of study in England, I can finally share my experience yes

    I went to study in England by the Erasmus program, I had a lot of aprioris because of what people had told me about this country but finally it went well. I was told a lot of nonsense ! frown Most of the stereotypes that people tell each other, are often false. I noticed it when I arrived, you should see it yourself ! Indeed the stereotypes about food, people, traditions or even the weather are not at all representative of England... Life in England is very peaceful, the English are very disciplined, for example, the queuing is very important for them. The first time I took the bus to go to university, I had the bad experience of not respecting the order of arrival I was on the bus first while I was last to do the queu. A student who went to the same university as me said it very well ! This experience was amazing for me, i was able to meet new people, discover a new culture and a new country, I advise you all to come to study a year in england. It's a very good experience ! cool

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